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Making Wi-Fi easy for SMBs with Unleashed APs

In part one of our Unleashed blog series, we discussed how Ruckus Unleashed is making Wi-Fi easier for small and medium businesses (SMBs). Indeed, our controller-less, high-performance and affordable portfolio of access points (APs) is simple to install and can be up and running in five minutes or less.

Moreover, Ruckus Unleashed enables anyone to manage their APs from an intuitive mobile app (for Android and Apple iOS) or website browser. In this blog post (part two), we'll explore the technology powering our Unleashed APs, summarize key features, describe deployment options and take a closer look at our Unleashed AP portfolio, including indoor, outdoor and specialty form factors.

Unleashed APs: Speed, coverage and connections

Unleashed APs leverage a range of advanced Ruckus technologies to deliver higher speeds, optimized coverage and more reliable connections for SMBs. These include:

  • BeamFlex+ - Our Unleashed APs have built-in antennas that automatically adapt to client locations and environmental conditions by continually optimizing RF signals for every connected device (on a per-packet basis).
  • ChannelFly - Most APs are capable of reactively switching channels. However, only Ruckus APs feature proactive ChannelFly technology that utilizes machine learning and specialized algorithms to identify the most optimal alternate channel(s) before switching. Combined with BeamFlex+ adaptive antenna technology, ChannelFly enables Unleashed APs to deliver significantly higher throughput than competing APs.
  • SmartMesh - Our self-forming, self-healing SmartMesh makes it easy for SMBs to blanket every corner of their space with reliable Wi-Fi coverage - while eliminating the need for cumbersome radio planning and expensive cabling to every AP.

Unleashed APs: Enterprise-Class Features

Ruckus Unleashed APs are also packed with a range of enterprise-class features that enhance the experience for both the Wi-Fi administrator as well as the end user - and are easy for just about anyone to manage.

These include:

  • Zero IT - Simplifies the onboarding of customers or employees onto a Wi-Fi network via an intuitive, self-service portal.
  • Guest Services - Delivers high-performance and secure Wi-Fi access for guests, while allowing SMBs to easily isolate traffic from private business networks. Wi-Fi access can be provided via guest passes or enabled via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Gmail. SMBs can also use the guest services feature to customize their Wi-Fi portals with logos, brands and offers.
  • Application Visibility and Control - Allows SMBs to monitor the network usage patterns of over 2,200 applications with Deep Packet Inspection to determine the most resource intensive applications. SMBs can also define application-specific access rules (such as limiting access to YouTube or social media) and reducing Wi-Fi speeds for specific applications and/or SSIDs.
  • Resiliency - Ensures continued access to printers and other network devices during internet down time. Moreover, users stay connected to the Wi-Fi network - even if one or several APs fail for any reason.
  • Security - Uses DPSK to eliminate the risks of shared passwords and locks down access to the Wi-Fi network without complex configurations. Secure SMB networks and protects clients with WPA encryption, client isolation and 802.1x for RADIUS and Active Directory.
  • Zero Touch Mesh - Adds APs to an existing network, significantly accelerating and simplifying the installation and configuration of Unleashed networks.
  • Remote Management - Facilitates troubleshooting by allowing users to simply tap the "Invite for Remote Management" option on the mobile app. Users can also send a text message or email with a link containing all the Unleashed network information to an expert.
  • Multiple Language Support - Supports 13 languages, including simplified Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish and Italian.

Unleashed APs: Deployment

Ruckus Unleashed access points are designed for small and midsize businesses, such as law firms, health clinics and insurance agencies. They can be deployed in small and midsize retail outlets, including stores, restaurants and coffee shops. Ruckus Unleashed APs are also the perfect choice for multi-dwelling units (MDUs) like large homes, small apartments and housing structures that require uninterrupted, pervasive coverage. In addition, Ruckus Unleashed APs can also benefit smaller primary school classrooms that require higher-bandwidth and uninterrupted Wi-Fi coverage for digital learning.

Ruckus Unleashed access points support single or multiple location installation options, with up to 25 APs and/or 512 concurrently connected clients per deployment.

Unleashed Access Points

The tables below illustrate the complete portfolio of Ruckus Unleashed APs, including indoor, outdoor and specialty form factors.


Our controller-less Unleashed access points pack enterprise-class features and leverage a range of advanced Ruckus technologies to deliver higher speeds, optimized coverage and more reliable connections for SMBs. Perhaps most importantly, Unleashed APs are simple to install and can be up and running in five minutes or less.

Configuration and routine management of Unleashed APs is made easy with an intuitive mobile app, while SMBs looking to expand their network across multiple locations can use the Ruckus Unleashed Multi-Site Manager (UMM) to support up to 1,000 Unleashed networks or 10,000 APs.

Interested in learning more about Ruckus Unleashed for SMBs? You can visit our Unleashed product page, download our Unleashed data sheet and read part one of this blog series here. Part three of this blog series will run on September 4th.