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Taking a closer look @ the Unleashed Mobile App

In our previous blog post (part two of this series), we explored the technology powering our Unleashed solution, summarized key features, described deployment options and took a closer look at our Unleashed AP portfolio, including indoor, outdoor and specialty form factors. In this blog post (part three of this series), we'll demonstrate how installation, configuration and basic network management can be made easy for even non-technical users with the Ruckus Unleashed mobile app for Android and iOS.

A Ruckus Unleashed network can be installed in under five minutes by simply configuring a single Ruckus master access point with the Unleashed Mobile app. The master AP settings are automatically replicated and subsequently pushed to all network APs via our Unleashed Zero-Touch Mesh feature.

As we show in the video below, SMBs can use the Ruckus Unleashed mobile app to monitor and manage their networks from anywhere in the world. More specifically, the mobile app enables SMBs to see how many clients and APs are connected, monitor ongoing network traffic, observe which applications are using the most data on the network, view important alerts at a glance and create rules to deny access to trouble websites.

SMBs can also quickly create a new wireless LAN or edit an existing network, run SpeedFlex to test Wi-Fi speeds, conduct basic troubleshooting using ping test or trace route, reboot APs and block misbehaving clients.

The Ruckus Unleashed Mobile App, which is built around an intuitive user interface (UI), also features detailed dashboards, graphs and charts. These allow SMBs to drill down and view in-depth data, such as how much (uplink/downlink) traffic has been flowing through APs over a specific time and date range, for example.


Ruckus Unleashed APs are simple for SMBs to install and can be up and running in five minutes or less. The Unleashed Mobile app makes it easy for even non-technical users to install, configure and manage Ruckus APs. The Unleashed Mobile app is available for both Apple iOS and Google Android platforms. Download it today at Google Play and the Apple Store.

Interested in learning more about Ruckus Unleashed for SMBs? You can visit our Unleashed product page here, download our Unleashed data sheet here, read part one of this blog series here and part two here. Part four of this blog series will run on September 11th.